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With over a third of the US suffering from acute or chronic pain, there is a huge need for pain relieving opportunities that are highly effective, noninvasive, minimal risk and covered by insurance. My Pain Cream MD offers exactly that option for those either suffering from virtually ANY pain condition or bothersome scarring.

The list of conditions that have been shown to benefit from prescription pain creams is extensive. There are no drug interactions or bloodstream absorption. A recent national survey showed that over 80% of individuals treated with topical prescription creams for ANY pain condition achieved excellent relief.

The topical creams offered for pain or scarring are made of FDA approved ingredients and are customized to your specific needs. For those with private insurance and prescription benefits, the creams are covered. My Pain Cream MD has telemedicine providers nationwide who will perform a consult and if indicated, write a prescription for the topical cream.

Soon thereafter, the prescription cream will then be prepared and shipped to your home! No trips to your primary doctor, no pharmacy line to deal with.



Conditions Treated with Our Prescription Pain & Scar Creams

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83% of Chronic Pain Sufferers Obtain Relief with Our
Prescription Creams! Telemedicine consultations provided