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chronic pain pictureChronic pain is like a pebble in your shoe that simply will not go away. It comes on one day and simply will not leave, no matter how hard you try. My Pain Cream MD understands how busy you are in life with work, family and recreational activities. We also understand how well prescription pain creams work for your chronic pain issues, and decided to make it easier to obtain them.

My Pain Cream MD offers the best pain relief creams and scar removal creams, as they are custom formulated by prescription based on your specific needs with a telemedicine doctor.

With over a third of Americans dealing with chronic pain, it’s a broad problem in need of effective options. My Pain Cream offers customized topical pain and scar creams that you can obtain from the comfort of your office or home. We offer a telemedicine consult to speak with a provider in your state, a prescription specific to your needs that is then formulated and shipped directly to your home.

Topical Medication for NeuropathyLogistically, My Pain Cream MD has made it simple for you to obtain the pain relief you need without needing to visit your doctor or stand in a line at the pharmacy. The latest technology is used in telemedicine and in the custom formulation of your specific pain cream. And best of all, for those with private insurance and prescription benefits, coverage exists for the creams.

The pharmacy filling your prescription uses only FDA approved ingredients, with the facility being fully licensed nationwide. This means no matter where you live, with private insurance and prescription benefits YOU ARE a candidate for the pain relieving creams!

83% of Chronic Pain Sufferers Obtain Relief with Our
Prescription Creams! Telemedicine consultations provided