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Benefits of Topical Prescription Pain Relief and Scar Removal Creams

The benefits of topical creams from My Pain Cream MD are numerous. Topical creams can almost completely eliminate many of the dangerous side effects of medications which must be administered orally. Some of the side effects include stomach irritation; nausea; vomiting; stomach ulcers; loss of appetite; and harmful drug interactions. Pain cream for elbow pain

Due to the fact that with topical medications there is little to no blood absorption, and the medicine is not required to pass through the digestive tract, many of these effects are eradicated. Although it is possible for topical creams to produce stomach irritation, enter the blood stream and cause drug interactions, it is not generally the case.

These creams are designed with a specific chemical base that enables the added medication to be absorbed into the skin much more quickly than medications that are orally administered. They do not require digestion before acting upon pain and inflammation. Individuals who experience acute and chronic pain, understand fully just how extremely beneficial this advantage is. An additional benefit of topical treatments is that developing an addiction is impossible.

In addition to the many advantages of topical creams as treatments, My Pain Cream MD services offer a number of convenient advantages as well. Clients can pain relief2simply call and spend a mere 10-20 minutes of their valuable time on the telephone. There is no need to stand in bothersome lines, or sit waiting for physicians.

We work together with telemedicine professionals, who carefully consider each case on an individual basis. The My Pain Cream MD team determines a specific formula based upon each client’s unique health needs. Physicians in all states are available now to answer the call of patients who have prescription benefits and private medical insurance.

Our staff members work not only with medical professionals, but those in your home state. All of this is done via the telephone, which eliminates the hassle of waiting. In most cases, the process of obtaining prescription topical creams consists of first calling a physician’s office for an appointment. The patient must then wait in the office, receive the prescription, and then make another trip to the local pharmacy.


The expert staff at My Pain Cream MD eliminates all of that waiting and provides patients with effective pain relief in a much more timely fashion. On top of all of this, as previously mentioned, there is no shipping expense.

My Pain Cream MD is making it easier and more convenient to get the topical medications patients need! 

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