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FAQs on Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

What is Arthritis?

Prescription pain cream for arthritisArthritis is a disorder which causes inflammation in the joints of the body and has symptoms that range from mildly irritating, to severely debilitating. The most common causes of Arthritis include a previous injury, trauma, disease, or normal wear and tear as a result of aging. There are also certain forms that are caused by infections. It is important to know the signs of Arthritis and to seek professional medical consultation if it is suspected.

ü  The pain associated with Arthritis may be chronic, or may come on suddenly. The exact cause is not always known.

ü  In some cases, symptoms of Arthritis may be caused by fever and nausea.

ü  Swelling and redness may develop around the afflicted joints.

ü  Patients may suffer from stiffness, especially in the back, legs, and/or arms. This can be after a night of rest, or simply from sitting in one position for a short period of time.

Why is it debilitating?

            The swelling, stiffness, and pain due to Arthritis can affect anyone, at any age. These symptoms, if left untreated, can become so severe that it is soon difficult to perform even routine daily tasks. Medical professionals can offer many types of treatment to combat these symptoms in order to allow patients to function normally.joint pain arthritis picture

How do arthritis pain relief creams help?

            There are a number of topical treatments for Arthritis. These offer an advantage over orally ingested medications by avoiding some damaging side effects. Many creams contain NSAIDs to relieve pain and inflammation. These are quickly absorbed through the skin and bypass the stomach lining. There are also topical creams that contain numbing agents such as lidocaine.

What are the types of pain cream available for Arthritis?

ü  Arthritis creams that contain Capsaicin are one of the most popular types. Capsaicin warms the area it is applied to and blocks the chemical substance P temporarily. This chemical is responsible for the pain message the brain receives.

ü  Counterirritants are extremely effective and generally contain menthol, eucalyptus, or another similar ingredient. When applied to the area of afflicted joints, these creams warm and cool the area simultaneously.

ü  Creams that contain Salicylates are often prescribed and have shown great success. Salicylates are found in aspirin, which reduce both pain and inflammation. Applying it topically avoids the symptoms of stomach irritation and nausea.

ü  Arthritis creams that contain NSAIDs are another popular treatment. NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve pain.

logopainPrescription pain creams for arthritis are an amazing way to obtain pain relief with a VERY low risk profile. They can really help throughout the day or after recreational activity for pain due to arthritis.

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