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FAQs on Prescription Pain Creams for Back Pain

Prescription Pain Cream for Back PainWhat is back pain?

            Back pain is one of the ailments that affects individuals of all ages most often, and has also been reported to be one of the most common reasons that individuals take sick leave from work. It may afflict any area of the back as the result of several causes including muscular and nerve disorders, Arthritis, and degenerative disc disease. Symptoms of back pain can range from irritating, to severely debilitating. In the case that it is severe and/or chronic, immediate medical attention should be sought.

Why is it debilitating?

Back pain can be so intense that it cause a person to withdraw from their daily activities. However, it can be managed in a number of ways including surgery, oral pain medication and topical pain creams.

How do topical pain creams help back pain?

            Topical creams for back pain bypass the digestive tract and therefore eliminate many of the dangerous side effects caused by medications that are taken internally. The topical method also decreases direct absorption into the blood stream. In many cases, creams for back pain work much faster as they are immediately absorbed into the affected area.

What are the types of pain cream available for back pain?

            There are a number of treatments for back pain and some of the most common are topical creams. These types of creams usually fall into three basic categories and may be used alone or in conjunction with each other.Topical Cream for Back Pain

ü  Many topical creams for back pain contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or Salicylates. Both of these reduce swelling as well as pain. Both can also be extremely irritating to the stomach when taken internally.

ü  One form of topical cream for back pain is known as Counterirritants. These may contain eucalyptus, camphor, or menthol. These types of ingredients cool and heat the area at the same time effectively soothing back pain.

ü  Hot peppers contain a property known as Capsaicin which is used to relieve many types of pain, including back pain. This ingredient, when applied to the area, warms and stimulates it. This increases blood flow and relaxes the muscles of the back.

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