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FAQs on Prescription Pain Creams for Neck Pain

Pain Creams for Neck PainWhat is neck pain?

            Neck pain may be associated with muscles; nerves; discs; spinal vertebrate; or all of the above. The pain may range from mild to excruciating and can be temporary or chronic, depending upon the underlying cause. Individuals who work at a desk in an office for long hours are very susceptible to this chronic neck pain. It can also be caused by past injuries or nerve damage, as well as arthritis due to normal aging.

Why is it debilitating?

            While all neck pain is uncomfortable, it can become incapacitating, if left untreated. If the discomfort is due to nerve damage, it is important to seek a physician for treatment to prevent further nerve damage.

Neck pain by itself, without any growing underlying cause, can prevent individuals from functioning at work and/or inhibit their ability to perform simple routine tasks. It can also play a major negative role in people’s emotional and mental health.

How do topical pain creams help neck pain?

Taking oral medications to reduce neck pain and discomfort can present patients with severe side effects. For example, NSAIDs such as ibuprofen can eat away at the soft lining of the digestive tract, and acetaminophen can cause extensive liver damage with prolonged use. Applying medications topically generally reduces unwanted side effects, or eliminates them completely. This type of treatment is also much more expedient than oral forms.

What are the types of pain cream available for neck pain?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and acts an important protective barrier. Topical creams have been designed and introduced with this specifically in mind. When medications are combined with the appropriate base, the skin is able to quickly absorb them. They also work much faster than those that require digestion in the stomach.

NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties and are often recommended for relief of arthritis. Creams containing NSAIDs are absorbed quickly thereby reducing inflammation and pain expediently. It is important to note that NSAIDs act as blood thinners and should only be used extensively under a doctor’s care. Heart patients must be espeTopical prescription cream for neck paincially careful when utilizing this type of treatment.

Topical creams consisting of Capsaicin are often recommended with great success to those suffering from neck pain. The chemical component of this cream is said to inhibit specific neuropeptides thereby greatly reducing pain. One of the main neuropeptides that chemically transmit pain is referred to as substance P. Its responsibility is to alert the brain of pain anywhere in the body.

Topical creams consisting of menthol, wintergreen, and peppermint oil have been found to be very effective in treating neck pain. The heating and simultaneous cooling effect reduces pain and relaxes muscles. These types of products are often used for sports-related injuries as well as to reduce the discomfort associated with extensive computer work. The heating and cooling effect has been employed in traditional folk medicine for centuries.

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