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FAQ’s on Prescription Creams for Scar Removal

Topical Cream for Scars

What is Scarring?

Fibrous tissue grows to replace normal skin after an injury. The brain sends messages to the body informing it that area is vulnerable. Instead of the normal skin that is created in a basket weave shape, the new skin is in that of cross links and forms a distinct arrangement in one direction. This may occur after surgery, trauma, burns, acne and more.

The scar tissue is much tougher than the original tissue that suffered the injury. Most all injuries result in some form or degree of scarring. Most diminish with time, but those that are more severe can remain for years or even life.

Why is it debilitating?

Scarring on the outside of the body is generally not physically debilitating; however, it can be. Scarring of the skin that is deep enough to affect nerve structure, can also affect the function of those nerves. This can inhibit mobility, the body’s senses, and, if severe enough, cause contractures limiting mobility.

This type of scarring can be mentally debilitating as well. Individuals may become self-conscious and in time can result in different types of mental disorders. For example, individuals may become deeply depressed and begin to withdraw from daily life. It is important to seek out medical treatment for scarring inside and outside as well as any complications that may arise.

How do topical creams help Scar Removal?

The main advantage of topical creams for scar removal is the ability to dramatically reduce the scar and prevent it from becoming worse. Some individuals form very bad scars after an injury or surgery. The scar removal cream may halt and even reverse the scarring process. If an individual is known to scar badly, after a surgery it would be prudent to apply the prescription scar cream once the initial wound has healed enough to make it safe to do so.

The use of topical creams for scar removal avoids side effects that can be dangerous. The medication does not enter the digestive system, thereby eliminating many or all of these. One of the only other options for scarring is laser treatment. This invasive method can be extremely expensive, very painful, and is not always guaranteed to work.

Scar Reduction Cream

What are the types of topical cream available for Scar Removal?

There are numerous topical creams for scar removal. Many of these contain certain ingredients that help diminish the appearance of scars. A pharmacy will typically prescribe the following two creams: FLL GEL1, which is composed of Fluticasone Propionate USP Micronized 1.0%/Levocertirizine Dihydrochloride 2%/Lidocaine 5% and FLT GEL2 which is composed of Fluticasone 1%/Levocetirizine 2%/Tranilast 1%.

In addition, both Yarrow and Comfrey are often added to creams and ointments specifically to diminish the appearance of scars. These herbs have been used in traditional folk medicine for centuries. They have certain important properties that intercept messages to the body.

Normal, as opposed to scar tissue, will regrow in the area of the injury because the body no longer perceives any threat. Other types have super moisturizing ingredients to protect and nourish the skin as it develops.

Capsaicin creams are often recommended for scars that are painful. This is because the medicinal property is thought to inhibit substance P. This substance is a neuropeptide responsible for the process of pain messages relayed to and from the brain. Capsaicin is said to inhibit several other peptides as well, though substance P is thought to be one of the most powerful.

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