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FAQs on Prescription Pain Creams for Sciatica

What is Sciatica?

Pain Cream for Sciatica

The sciatic nerve begins in the lower lumbar region and branches out to each hip, the buttocks, and then traverses down each leg. This is the path that sciatic pain takes as well, which may range from tingling or numbing to sharp shooting pains or dull aching.

In general, sciatic pain occurs on one side of the body, but this is not always the case. It may affect both sides at once or alternately. This type of pain is usually caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve from compressed and/or herniated discs of the spine. Spinal Stenosis may also lead to sciatica. This may cause inflammation, spasms, various types of pain, and, in some cases, numbness of the area.

Why is it debilitating?

It is essential to one’s overall health and well-being to seek medical advice for Sciatica. There are several reasons; however, one of the most important is that it deals with vital nerves within the spine. These nerves are responsible for a great many functions of the entire body including mobility. If the pain is being caused by pressure and/or pinching, it can not only be debilitating, it can also cause further damage and become irreparable.

How do topical pain creams help Sciatica?

There are several extremely effective treatments for Sciatica. It is believed that these work best in conjunction with each other in order to be most effective. Topical creams are one element of this treatment program. One of the advantages of topical creams is avoiding harsh side effSciaticaects of oral prescription medications. In the case of nerve pain, these creams act much faster and are applied locally to the spot of discomfort.

What are the types of pain cream available for Sciatica?

Today many individuals find success using cayenne pepper creams to alleviate the symptoms of Sciatica. This useful compound is referred to as capsaicin and is the property that provides heat for peppers. It warms the area and relaxes it when applied topically. Capsaicin is also believed to clock a neuropeptide known as substance P and several others. These peptides are responsible for the process of messaging the brain about pain.

Another useful type of topical cream is one that is an analgesic. These ointments contain anti-inflammatories and reduce the pain of Sciatica two-fold. They are designed to bring pain relief, and the reduction of inflammation further decreases the pain. This removes some of the pressure from swollen muscle and tissue around the affected area. In most cases, the original pain is caused by pressure.

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