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FAQs on Prescription Pain Cream for Tendonitis

What is Tendonitis?

When tendons become inflamed, this condition is referred to as Tendonitis. Tendinopathy is somewhat related; however, these are not the same conditions. Each requires its own appropriate treatment for properPain cream for heel pain healing.

This condition occurs often during sports participation, automobile accidents, and/or simple over use. The most common areas affected are the knees, known as Patellar Tendonitis, the elbow, known as Golfers or Tennis Elbow, and the Achilles tendon, known as Achilles Tendonitis.

In most cases, Tendonitis develops because of an injury. With proper treatment, it is not serious or permanent. There are a few other causes of Tendonitis such as arthritis and the overuse that comes with normal aging.

Why is it debilitating?

Without proper treatments, Tendonitis and/or weaken tendons can result in the weakening of ligaments as well. Inflamed tendons, if they remain untreated, can lead to infection and permanent damage. It may also become chronic or reoccurring.

Those individuals suffering from Tendonitis, should consult their physicians and pay careful attention to treatment to prevent further complications. If these further complications appear, it can lead to decreased mobility and an inability to participate in normal activities.

How do topical pain creams help Tendonitis?

Oral medication can cause unwanted and harmful side effects ranging from annoying, to severely incapacitating. Some of the more annoying side effects are upset stomach and nausea. More severe effects are vomiting and stomach and/or digestive ulcers. This can lead to bleeding in the stomach lining, as well as a dramatic loss of appetite. Topical creams are not accompanied by many of these symptoms and act directly on the localized area, bringing about relief in an expedient fashion.

Pain Cream for Tennis Elbow

What are the types of pain cream available for Tendonitis?

One of the most common symptoms and causes of pain with Tendonitis is inflammation. Topical NSAIDs are therefore one of the first treatments recommended. NSAIDs include medications such as naproxen and ibuprofen.

These types of medicines relieve pain, while reducing inflammation. The reduction of inflammation brings about further relief of pain. NSAIDs should not be taken by patients who already participate in a daily regimen of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Heart patients should also be cautious and consult with their cardiologist.

Capsaicin is another ingredient added to topical treatments that has been found to be successful. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in hot peppers that gives them their heat. This property brings a heating sensation when applied to the area and allows tendons and muscles to relax. It is also thought to inhibit the function of substance P; the most powerful peptides responsible in pain communication.

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